Oracle 2012 new men's casual natural men

Oracle (Oracle) from the famous Italian fashion brand. Held by Hong Kong Oracle International Dress Co., Ltd., Shenzhen ancient Clothing Co., Ltd. management. Faced with the fact that men and entrepreneurs in the workplace are getting younger and younger, the quiet changes in women's clothing and masculinity are changing. Fashionable casual, natural personality style of apparel gradually replace the era of suits and ties and gradually boarded the elegance of the hall, into the high-level office space, commercial negotiation venue and rich style of cafes. Oracle human beings from time to time elegant retro, sometimes publicity avant-garde, sometimes deep introverted, sometimes domineering, sometimes extraordinary. But the only thing that has not changed is the inner cultural heritage and spiritual life. They respected modest ornate. They advocate the use of natural poetic way to enlighten modern people's spiritual life, that is, to simplify life, but also hold the spirit of rich cultural creativity, to be a pleasing to the eye and enjoy the fun of life. This is the logo that distinguishes them flowing and superficial.

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