Guan Ying sexy endorsement underwear brand

ModernGirl Madeng Ma duo was born in 2005, Yi Sini international companies following the Man Thelma Lian, the second own brand.

Young, fashion , New York, young = love dare to reveal, dare to be yourself; fashion = attitude to life with freedom, values ​​for their good; New York = absolute texture, international outlook, tolerance is high.

关颖性感代言内衣品牌Modern Girl 玛登玛朵

The new woman wants is free and unrestrained, no need to look forward and move between gestures, gestures and elegance naturally revealed. The new woman want underwear , not the shackles of secular rituals, but blooming glamor beautiful soul, this is ModernGirl Madden Ma Duo.

关颖性感代言内衣品牌Modern Girl 玛登玛朵

Recently, Kwan Yee for ModernGirl Maddenmadu underwear endorsement shooting ads, the performance is amazing. Her promotional photos, wearing purple, green, pink and other colors underwear, and the challenge of sweet, handsome style, underwear modeling changes, but it is one of the bright eyes of her good figure. Kwan Yeat out of deep V, the chest successfully covered, so charming charm "off" could not live.

关颖性感代言内衣品牌Modern Girl 玛登玛朵

Kwan Ying ModernGirl Madden Ma duo underwear piercing their own unique style, in order to endorsement of this also sought a variety of breast recipes, good body really is the best endorsement. This time in ModernGirl Madden Ma duo underwear endorsement, the challenge is sometimes sweet and sometimes treason, the image of the ever-changing and unique.


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