Export of Egyptian footwear and apparel without ILAC certificate will be blocked

According to reports, the Egyptian Customs began to enforce new import regulations in February this year. In addition to the pre-shipment inspection certificate, footwear and clothing are required to be issued by a third-party organization, the "ILAC" certificate is allowed to be imported, and the domestic market is exported to Egypt. The company will face obstacles to shipment due to no "ILAC" certificate.

The so-called "ILAC" certificate has its full English name as the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC for short). The full Chinese name of ILAC is the International Laboratory Accreditation Organization. The purpose of the organization is to publicize and promote international laboratory accreditation activities, discuss, coordinate and formulate common procedures and related technical documents, and exchange the progress of laboratory accreditation activities. Egypt is one of the major markets for the Yiwu market to export to Africa, and its export value has increased year by year. In 2011, Yiwu exported 15253 batches of Egypt's products throughout the year, with an export value of 250.96 million US dollars, including 2105 batches of footwear for US$32.56 million and apparel for 1931 for US$34.78 million. The products requiring “ILAC” certificate accounted for 26.4% of the total export volume, including exports. There are 23 footwear manufacturers in Egypt and 37 garments.

The Zhejiang Yiwu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded production companies and foreign trade companies that the following measures should be taken to prevent the goods from being rejected by the Egyptian side due to lack of “ILAC” certificates:

1. At present, it is mandatory for footwear and apparel in Egypt to issue third-party certificates for “ILAC” and “CNAS” logos. Each export company should pay attention to the new regulations in a timely manner and avoid being revoked by the Egyptian authorities due to the inability to provide “ILAC” certificates. Yun.

2. Prepare the “ILAC” certificate in a timely manner and focus on mastering the scope and standards of clothing and footwear testing by the Egyptian side. Actively consult the inspection and quarantine authorities on relevant policies to avoid the obstruction of customs clearance at Egyptian ports.

Third, clothing and footwear manufacturers should focus on the scope of testing, timely adjustment of production methods and improve production techniques so that the test results meet the standards. The following is the scope of detection of footwear and clothing: clothing can be tested in three categories, fiber composition qualitative, free formaldehyde, banned azo dyes. Leather shoes: banned azo dyes, dimethyl fumarate, ****, wear resistance, folding, peel test. Other footwear: banned azo dyes, free formaldehyde, wear resistance, folding resistance, peel test.

Fourth, when signing the contract, the customer should fully consider the pre-shipment inspection and "ILAC" certification, etc., and reserve enough time to avoid unnecessary economic losses.

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