High heat resistant transparent PP special materials project passed the acceptance

The NR-03 technology development project for high heat and transparent PP special materials developed by Jiujiang Petrochemical and East China University of Science and Technology has passed the acceptance test.

Faced with the huge polypropylene special material market, Jiujiang Petrochemical has developed a series of products such as radiation-resistant transparent polypropylene special materials, medical transparent polypropylene special materials and polypropylene special materials with conductive functions. They are aiming at the high-heat-resistant polypropylene special materials that are currently in high demand in China but are in short supply in the market. They have cooperated with East China University of Science and Technology to develop the NR-03 production technology for high heat-resistant transparent PP special materials. The high heat-resistant transparent PP special material produced by this technology has passed the food hygiene inspection and the application evaluation of the manufacturer. The technical indicators have reached the standard, the product quality and performance fully meet the user's demand, and the quality is stable, the transparency is good, the heat-resistant temperature High, high processing speed, easy to release film, etc., the performance reaches the level of imported products.

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