Congratulations: New Zealand Hainan Sanya shop grand opening 11

Eleven small holiday, very suitable for travel. However, this is also an opening day. Congratulations to the New Zealand side Sanya, Hainan shop opened eleven grand opening! ! Now Hainan Sanya shop has begun trial operation, in the absence of the official opening of the premise had 8,000 credited ... ... This is a good omen, here we also wish Hainan Sanya shop: opening, lucky money ...


Congratulations: New Zealand Hainan Sanya shop grand opening 11


New Zealand companies in the "integrity, win-win, development," business philosophy, to create the most influential in Southeast Asia's women's brand , the company has stores in some cities in Singapore and China. In order to better development, now the New Zealand women are still for the national dealers to join, the intention of the dealer now New York message. Brand companies will be the first time you get some contact to negotiate the specific issues involved.

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