Why do women wear bracelets?

Jade bracelet is not only because it can make beautiful decoration, but also has the effect of promoting human health. Jade bracelets and jade bracelets are one of the most important jewels in Chinese culture. The profound Chinese culture makes it rich and colorful.

The jade bracelet is a special amulet for women and auspicious. The wearing of the jade bracelet makes the woman look elegant, solemn, gentle and generous. It is a fashionable accessory for female friends. The advantages of wearing jade bracelets are mainly as follows:

First, promote blood circulation

The wrist is the end of the body's blood circulation, and the returning blood is achieved by the pressure of the heart. In the process of wearing jade bracelets, the jade bracelet will constantly produce shaking and friction. The shaking of the jade bracelet will effectively massage the wrist of the human body. Such physical massage will directly stimulate and relax the meridians and acupuncture points of the human body. The friction between the jade bracelet and the wrist skin tissue can make the blood of the wrist skin smoother, soften the skin cells, clear the sweat glands of the skin, and help the body's metabolism. There is a hole on the inside of the wrist called Neiguan, which is the main point for treating insomnia. After the person wears the jade bracelet, the hand keeps moving. The jade bracelet can inadvertently play the role of acupuncture points on the wrist.

Second, good for the heart

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine proves that jade has the effect of calming heart rate, reducing blood pressure and stabilizing emotions. Jade has certain cardiac assisting effect on patients with bad heart or high blood pressure, which can lower blood pressure, stabilize heart rate, reduce impatience and tension. Relieve stress and refresh the memory. The left hand is closest to the heart. The jade bracelet worn in the left hand during daily work and study is the easiest to access the heart, and the benefits to the heart are best. Therefore, the traditional jade bracelet is generally worn on the left hand.

Third, absorb various trace elements in jade

Jade is a product of nature. It absorbs the essence of Baichuan and accommodates the best of heaven and earth. Each type of jade contains some or more elements of various minerals of iron, manganese, zinc and nickel that are naturally incorporated. In the process of wearing jade bracelets, these trace elements gradually penetrate into the human body along the skin tissue through frequent rubbing with the human body, effectively supplementing trace elements that are not ingested by human food, thereby achieving balance, regulating physiology and improving various kinds. Immunity.

Fourth, "people raise jade, jade raise people"

Natural jade contains a variety of minerals necessary for the human body. Because it is directly in contact with the skin when wearing jade bracelets, most of the natural jade is cracked. It can absorb body fluids from the body, and often wear jade to make it contain jade. The trace elements are inhaled into the human body through the skin, so that the imbalance of yin and yang blood can be balanced, and the health benefits of rickets. The mechanism of jade health has also been confirmed by modern science. After wearing the jade bracelet for a certain period of time, it will become more and more transparent. Jade is also the elf of all things. As the owner of the jade bracelet, it is appropriate to properly treat and maintain your jade bracelet. I often wear her in the body and gradually cultivate the communication between the heart and the heart. The jade bracelet that will last for a long time will inevitably give you the feeling of being able to give up. . Perhaps at the crucial moment, your jade bracelet will come out for the safety of the owner, and even dare to deny yourself as the main person, but the main person is broken. We often hear an old man or someone else accidentally encountering an accident or wrestling. The jade bracelet has been broken or broken, but the owner has only been slightly scratched or even intact. I believe this is the result of your jade bracelet showing at the crucial moment.

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