Most popular Chinese parents welcome the cartoon "Little Bear Dazi" will be landing before and after the National Day Jia Jia cartoon

It is reported that by the Fujian Green Group in cooperation with Xiamen Blue Bird Animation huge amount of money to create a series of animated cartoon "Little Bear Dazi" will be on September 24 from Guangdong Jia Jia cartoon TV screen, and the children across the country to meet. The first episode of the animated feature series, Episode 38, is a collection of 38 episodes of the first season in which children from 3-10 years of age are told about the lively and interesting story that has happened between Daddy Bear and his family and friends. After years of hard work, the film has won the Outstanding Works Award from the Asian Animation Venture Capital Fair and the "Best Business Animation" finalists for the "Golden Dolphin" animation contest at Xiamen International Animation Festival. The awards are widely praised by the industry. It is worth mentioning that the animation of this department is different from other domestic animation films at this stage. From a public welfare point of view, each episode revolves around an interesting story to explain the truth of life in simple terms and educate the children to grow actively and healthily. The film edutainment, and parents and children together to nurture, so by the national parents and children's favorite! According to the chairman of Fujian Green Group, Zhao Jianhe, Dabi Dang introduced the brand positioning of "Storytelling Children's Wear" as early as in 2009, which not only opened the first story of children's story marketing but also introduced the trend of "Little Bear Dazi" series of life education Class cartoon. Based on the product launch cycle, the company launches a collection of edutainment animated cartoons aimed at making every child a healthy and confident "storytelling child" through fashionable "storytelling children's wear" ". In order to further interpret the brand culture, Dadi also applied the main elements and patterns of the story to the design and development of products to create unique story sets, so that children can wear "stories" on them. In addition, Dadi also opened a story and cultural area at the terminal. A nationwide "Star of the Story" national contest was organized so that children can stand onstage to tell stories and fully exploit their imagination. "I'll describe the new ticking story Color "interactive graffiti parent-child activities also provide a fun interactive exchange of emotions, so that parents and children to enhance the emotional connection, to bring consumers more value-added experience. "Animation is the children's favorite program to watch, play a subtle role in the healthy development of children, many of the children's language and values ​​are subject to animation programs," Little Bear Dazi "series of animated cartoon is out of this Consider, tailor-made for the healthy growth of children! "Zhao, chairman said. After Jia Jia cartoon, "Bear Beat Tick" will also visit "China Education Television" and other TV and children's channels, will accompany more children to spend joyful childhood, let us look forward to it! "Guangdong Jia Jia cartoon" broadcast time: September 24-October 12 daily 2 episodes (15: 30-16: 00) "China Education Television" broadcast time: October 21-November 9, 2 episodes daily (17: 30-18: 00)

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