What is the reason why there is a factor in body shape

Devil figure is the dream of every girl, full of chest curves is also the pride of every woman, but still a large part of women can not do so. Chest flat, drooping, external expansion and other troubles plagued women, in the end what is the reason why the body aliasing it?

拉美儿 - LAMA

Figure: Latin American children underwear

1, dysplasia

During puberty breast development did not get the right care and timely replacement of the right bra.

2, gravity

The gravity of the geocentric seems to have superior energy, a little carelessness, the chest will droop, outward expansion. Speaking of resistance to gravity, wearing body underwear can play a role in resistance to gravity oh.

3, childbirth

After childbirth due to abdominal muscle and fat relaxation and systemic endocrine changes can cause postpartum body deformation, leading to sagging breasts, lower abdomen prominent, buttocks larger, or back to the milk to return to the milk needle and eat milk pills lead to chest atrophy.

4, poor eating habits

Such as overeating, supper after dinner, irregular meals from time to time, due to overnutrition, endocrine disorders caused by limb obesity, resulting in curve deformation, and also caused harm to your health.

身材走样是什么原因 有哪些因素会导致身材变形

Figure: Latin American children underwear

5, bad posture

A woman, if there is a neck, humpback, collapse waist, arch hip, and even stand up and move forward when the center of gravity will be unpleasant. Poor standing, sitting position, in addition to the vulgar image in the sense of vulgar, but also lead to hunched back, spine deformation.

6, wear the wrong underwear

If a woman from the first piece of underwear to wear the wrong, and have never been professional body designers to give the correct guidelines, will lead to the curve was severely damaged. Improper choice of bra, the breast seems to fall out, the results will be drooping breasts squeeze down too thin shoulder strap due to lack of support, resulting in broken ligaments and neck pain.

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