Classic story women's 2014 autumn new style: black lace with matching skills

The designers chose blue and orange with a high degree of saturation for the design of this group, but the softness of contrast also impacted the visual, warm, gorgeous, calm and comforting.


Simple and generous in the long section of the coat, using flip collar, double-breasted design, comfortable, with a lace dress, highlight the feminine fashion charm. The overall suit for commuting, meeting wear, people feel stylish and capable, is a must with fashion women. This section dress, V-neck, body, collar and sleeves with stitching design, bust with piping, highlighting the female S-curve, visual sense of the effect of more self-cultivation, cuffs with a shirt-style design, relaxed and elegant, suitable for work wear, dignified Elegant, suitable for mature women.


This section short coat, using three-dimensional design, asymmetric segmentation, the same color hit the color cuffs, with tight pants, with a stylish urban white-collar atmosphere, highlighting the simplicity of women temperament. Complex lace blouse double-breasted design, wearing a sense of resembles windbreaker, with orange retractable trousers, the overall feeling of elegance and a sense of fashion.

Picture credit: Classic Stories Women 2014 Autumn New

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