Men's suit with men's casual suit how to match

Men's wardrobe will not be less this suit with a stylish suit, but also for business men suit with one of the most important dress, but want to put on a suit fashion sense, do not stick to the traditional Suit, you can also try the print, wave point element suit with highlights in the details of men's charm. A gray print suit jacket, the classic three-dimensional cut, very wide chest type to wear comfortable, seamless. With dark jeans, in the formal wear and casual found the right position, coupled with fresh khaki knit sweater underwear so that you full of young vitality, of course, you can match other colors of clothing, remember that must pay attention to the color can not Overwhelming This blue wave point jacket cut very self-cultivation, plus shrug version, wearing the body exudes a charming charm, which can be matched with a white V-neck T-shirt, plus washed jeans and casual shoes, a variety of mixed With, to create a stylish exquisite dress, plus points for the charm. Photo Source: Hao Xin Kai. Dejin brand men

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