How to dress up the opening season how to match the first day of school clothes

So fast in August, away from school days are getting closer, the children have not played enough yet? Still think about where to play or even did not realize the atmosphere of school, it is too early to discuss the school, after all, there is a month's time? But the time is fast is also fast, mothers should prepare their children's school supplies, where pocket is ready for you to start school clothing with. Start a new school bag, new clothes is absolutely necessary, and the September school may be a bit cold, although this year is run in September, but regardless of the impact of preparing you to take the school to take the ride, the new bag back, yellow suit to wear, casual and Comfortable suit style, coupled with a pair of canvas shoes is absolutely very tide. The first day of the new school must make a good impression, long T is definitely to be prepared, this has a long collar T shirt style with a light-colored jeans, classic wear, handsome face, how can we not obsessed What? A stylish dress not only for students to pay attention, the teacher will be concerned about Oh.

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