History of jewelry dressing boxes

The Mawangdui No. 1 Han Tomb in China also excavated the lacquer ware double-layer jewelry dressing box of Mrs.

From 1850 to 1900, the jewelry dressing box was designed as small and concealed.

At that time, the society was centered on men, and women were greatly restrained. Public exposure of cosmetics would be subject to criticism. Therefore, the jewelry dressing boxes were designed to be small and concealed, so that ladies and ladies could hide them at the top of the cane, the long skirt folds, and the cap hair. Wait.

"Crazy Age", jewelry dressing box began "multi-functional"

In the 1920s, the social atmosphere was liberated, women ushered in new freedoms, and beauty and smoking became commonplace. Some avant-garde women began to appear in dance floors and other entertainment venues. Therefore, the jewellery dressing box also set the space for placing lighters, small purses and other objects in accordance with the trend; in order to facilitate the dancing, there are also styles with long chains.

1920-1960 is the golden age of these unique jewelry boxes full of charm and imagination.

Now, although jewel giants such as Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier are still creating such glamorous jewellery dressing boxes, they are all high-end custom and extremely expensive. They are not only a piece of jewelry dressing box, but also an irreplaceable art.

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