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Also on Friday, "Dad where to go" broadcast day, "Dad where to go" in the second quarter of the male god Lu Yi strong to join, daughter Bella adorable cute, impressive. In the "Dad where to go" after the first quarter of the second quarter, Lu Yi and daughter Belle get along, we can see that the father and daughter love. Little Bei's heart is filled with a thick heart of love for Dad, so that the audience dignified her love. Followed by Xiao Bian to see Lu Yi dressed in Satchi Men's Fashion Health - Men magazine shot it! A family of three came in the studio, enjoyable. Under the spotlight, Lu Yi opened the denim jacket, Belle volunteered to suck on his chest, but he was not embarrassed either. "Optimism, cheerfulness, make up the knife. This is my heredity." He smiled sweetly Belle hugged her chest. In a sense, Lu Yi does not seem to be a competent "idol", neither contribute lace news, nor supply the world's best gossip, both on screen and in life are effortlessly playing a positive niche image. "I've always thought that idol is a good synonym," says Lu Yi. "It can regulate people's behavior, and over time it becomes a habit to bring positive energy." Perhaps he is an allegory of existence, the challenge is that we The definition of "idol". Although he has also spent three years as a full-time dad at home, he has always been a "heavy manual solution" in his mind - carrying bicycles, changing light bulbs, installing fuses, and repairing plumbing. "Where is Daddy 2" is like an authentic father training camp, which is the first time I really felt like having a father, "Lu Yi said. He gave his daughter cooking, bathing, brushing his teeth, wiping his face, oiled, blowing hair, dressing shoes, the day before the opening coincides with the wedding anniversary and Bowie Lei, but also personally cook a few master dishes. "Only the family who can accompany me to the old, for me, the family will always be the first one. If the struggle is to enjoy the grandchildren 's life, why do not I start enjoying now ?!" He claimed to own the Shanghai Man All the fine quality, but it is a very strong desire to question his chest covered with domineering Old School tattoo left arm. This shirt uses the same color small lattice design, simple and elegant, upper body excellent results. High-quality fabrics more gently fit the skin, is the best choice for business and leisure people. This section is a single leisure West is a small grid of wool silk blended fabric, both the warmth of wool, silkworms easy to mix, suitable for business people in a variety of occasions with casual shirts to wear. Fabric silky smooth, but also hemp breathable, is a must for men's wardrobe. (The above excerpt from "Fashion Health - Men" August)

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