Volume dressing "Y" articles, tide brand CRZ autumn and winter dress method

Looking at the cover of the major fashion magazine models, whether you envy of their devil body endless? It is not an easy affair to show off a good figure in the wintering winter. Thick winter clothes often mask the S-curve of the influx of people. In fact, as long as they have a clear understanding of the tiered sense of hierarchy, many problems can be overcome Stars are experts in this area, and now follow the tide brand CRZ steal it. To wear out of personality, fashion taste, first of all have to understand their stature, the amount of clothing in order to dress up this winter. Tide brand CRZ autumn and winter section of the official market, this season has a variety of fashion forward-looking elements of fashion, as long as you are bold enough, guts play, tide brand CRZ will allow you to become the streets of "topic queen." This season, tide brand CRZ is still the main wave, striped and plaid patterns with exaggerated candy color, have a strong visual impact. In addition to maintaining the usual "play daring" and "play a breakthrough," this season's fashion tide brand CRZ pay more attention to every small part, with a breakthrough, carefully set off a new round of trend storm. Not satisfied with their legs MM should choose Y type dressing method. Y-type dressing method emphasizes upper body dress and lower body try to choose a simple single product, wide and tight with the focus on the upper body can focus on, but also by contrast to lower the lower body to achieve the purpose of the legs. Tide brand CRZ launched this season, "Y" type dress loose, Bottom tight, up and down the formation of a strong contrast, have a distinctive visual effects, the perfect presentation of the legs of the beautiful lines and enhance the delicate legs, slender feeling. The overall dress casual temperament without compromise, refined and not tight, taste and not vulgar. Put on CRZ tide card, you can become the trend of the vanguard of this season.

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