ONLY Women's winter warm and comfortable down to create a sense of presence

ONLY is designed for all modern women who are independent, free, fashion-conscious and quality- conscious in every major city in the world. On behalf of young people vitality, interesting lifestyle, full of dynamic and strong flavor of the times. ONLY women are about 20-year-old girl, they are willing to have a unique personality, ONLY brings them a young, energetic and interesting way of life.


Detachable fur collar to create a sense of warmth for you to send the warmth of silk, exquisite crimp so beautiful and elegant curve, a single row of metal buckle handsome.

ONLY女装冬款羽绒 温暖舒适缔造存在感

Atmospheric fashion bud collar fashion warm and comfortable, cuffs with threaded design allows you to feel better warm, exquisite bullhorn buckle show quality.

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