Deep and shallow mutual understanding couples and 睦-olivine

Olivine is known as the emerald at dusk, the birthstone of August, symbolizing the "husband and wife happiness." The reason why olivine is used as a symbol of happiness for couples may be related to its green color. Olive green, a light green---yellow-green color. This color is so stable and simple, only the change of green shades, like a middle-aged couple who walk hand in hand on the journey of life, they have the dream of young people, experienced the madness of young people, life is like this to them. The beauty, the emotions they focus on are so ordinary and endless. Therefore, they did not choose the bright green emerald symbolizing the spring color, nor did they choose the blood red color that symbolizes the hot love, but chose the long-lasting yellow-green to express the long-lasting happiness between the trustworthy couple.

Peridot has always been a gem from scratch, and it has its own many legends. The Egyptians called the peridot "the jewel of the sun" and believed that it had the power of the sun. The person wearing it could eliminate the fear at night. In Hawaii, the olivine was called the tear of "Vulcan", perhaps because of the local olives. Most of the stone is produced in the volcanic rocks around the crater. The spots are spotted, as if they were tears from the volcano, wrapped in black volcanic rocks.

Olivine identification and assessment

The composition of olivine is magnesium iron silicate with a hardness of 6.5-7, characterized by olive green and a large birefringence. There are many gems similar to olivine, such as green tourmaline, green beryl, and green gold emerald. However, there is often only one type of glass in the market. The distinction between olivine and glass can be seen from the olivine as "double shadow", while glass is not; the crystalline inclusions are sometimes seen in the olivine, but only bubbles are present in the glass.

Identify the key features of "Olive Green" with double shadows inside.

The price of olivine is related to the depth of green, and sometimes the effect of size is also large. Because of the many cracks in the olivine raw material, there are fewer raw materials that can grind larger gemstones, and the gemstone yield is low. Good work and bad work is also a factor affecting prices. Olivine is soft and can't be put together in a large amount, otherwise its edges will be raised and rounded, which will affect the appearance and price.

The key colors were evaluated to be pure, crack-free and large.

Olivine origin

The olivine originated in the vicinity of a ZABARGAD island in the Red Sea, and the name of the olivine is also related to this place name. But the olivines on the market today are mainly from Myanmar, the United States and China. Hebei, China is an important producer of olivine in the world. Olivine is also one of the few special gemstones in China. There are also commercial production areas in Heilongjiang Province in Northeast China.

Olivine jewelry purchase tips

When buying olive jewellery, you should first pay attention to whether the green color is pure and deep, and the yellow-green color is too much to reduce its value.

Note that the interior should be crack-free and flawless, and the olivine with a low value is low.

Attention should be paid to the presence of burrs in the jewels. It is best to choose straight edges and perfect cut rules.

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