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Ms. Wang, who lives in Huanshan District, is 42 years old. She always wanted to dye her hair, but she was worried that being too fashionable would cause her colleagues to talk about it. At the end of this year, she plans to travel to Xiamen with her husband. So she came to Jinan, the first Guide to fashion model to customize the wig company --- Jessica really true and false hair customizing company.
The company is responsible Chen said: Now with the enhancement of people's concepts of health, there are a lot of gray hair, middle-aged women are reluctant to frequent perm hair, fear would be detrimental to health. So wearing a true wig has become their best choice.
Because true wigs can be burnt and can be dyed, it can be long hair, short hair, hair block, can create any shape you want, life is several times longer than wig, and it does not hurt your health. People with thin hair, white hair, and chemotherapy can try it. High quality true wigs look natural and natural, just like your own hair. Moreover, this season, true wigs are also suitable for young and beautiful girls to wear, both stylish and warm.
If you have your own special requirements for true and false hair, then personal tailoring services are more suitable for you. Professionals from Jessica True Wig Customs told reporters that custom hair sets are a rigorous process that takes about eight processes and can be completed in a month.

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