RHAMARE Rui Maili women's spring and summer 2013 new product release

RHAMARE Rui Marel has always been committed to the quality of fabrics, unique details and personality color interpretation of the distinctive modern fashion, with rigorous Seiko secret agents, to convey the content of the second skin of women with different thickness of hard and soft texture Fabric collision splicing, the fabric for the second design, focusing on the overall clothing and accessories, the use of three-dimensional structuralism to H-based, A-type, X-type supplemented to guide the trend of personalized trend.

Guangzhou Yanzi Textile Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company integrating design, development and production. Having certain influence and appeal in the domestic market, we have cooperated with more than 1,000 well-known brand clothing companies so far. Moreover, our products are sold well in more than 30 countries and regions including Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and America. Our company owns self-support import and export rights and has a domestic professional design team. We mainly produce diversified products such as embroidery fabrics, lace fabrics, jacquard fabrics and knitted fabrics, etc.
Yanzi Textile has a team that is hardworking, passionate and innovative. We are full of vigor and ideal in our work. Good services to our clients is the core goal of our daily work.

3D Flower Embroidery Lace

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