The subtle relationship between love and stone

The relationship between love and stone is subtle. Cao Xueqin uses his stone to symbolize the desolateness and emptiness of life and love, while modern people use another smaller and more refined stone to reflect the glory and eternity of love. It is a diamond.

Linking diamonds to love is almost a matter of the mid-19th century. After its long-lasting and noble qualities are exaggerated and rendered by those who sell stones, the diamond ring soon became the equivalent symbol of love for almost a whole century. Recalling the days when humans first invented the ring (about a thousand years ago), the ring was neither a stone nor a metal, but a plant, and the life and vitality of the plant gave it an extraordinary meaning.

The first important qualitative change in the replacement of the plant ring with a diamond ring is that it injects a concept of "value" into love. Its expensive and rare attributes classify love - but this is not the most deadly, right The cold and inanimate, but perpetual worship of the stone actually implies the transformation of people's love ideas. The admiration and feelings of living and full of vitality give way to the obsession with a certain abstraction of the "eternal" concept, which implies a certain degree of fear of love.

The Japanese who wrote the "love" entry to the Encyclopedia Britannica gave an example of the nature of love: the chrysanthemum is beautiful, although it will fade, but its beauty is full of vitality. A chrysanthemum made of plastic does not fade but has nothing to do with beauty. It looks beautiful forever, but it is actually worthless.

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