Water children's clothing 2013 spring and summer new orders will be held smoothly in Beijing

Recently, as a "Beijing famous brand", "China's top ten children's clothing brand," the children's clothing spring and summer 2013 new orders will be held in Beijing smoothly. Outstanding agents from all over the country gathered together to witness the spring and summer 2013 new children's water release. At the same time, this order meeting performance last year made a very substantial increase, proud achievement exceeded the order task. At the ordering meeting, the children's clothing fitted closely with the global trend of children's wear, combined with market demand, also released the "urban fashion," "vacation, leisure," "classic dress," "Ocean Series," "Candy Box "," Bear Story "and other six series of children's clothing. A "passport" roaming children's clothing world Ordering site planning and layout of the site broke the conventional concept, through the "roaming mind" to make guests feel a different "travel." Its moral is to allow guests to feel more intuitive water heavy child launched in spring and summer 2013 six series of children's clothing, so that children have different occasions for their own dress. It is worth mentioning that all guests will receive an exquisite "passport" upon check-in. This passport printed schedule, on-site instructions, 2013 spring and summer six series of children's clothing and regional leaders contact information, etc. for guests to participate in ordering information. All guests received a "passport", they began this unique "children's clothing roaming mind." A "share" comprehend the terminal management In this order, water children's clothing specifically invited Shuimu Tiancheng senior consultant terminal trainer Luan Yu teachers for the audience to share "inventory analysis and management." In order to enable everyone to understand and digest more deeply, Luan Yu teacher, through her many years of experience in the terminal industry in the apparel industry, has shared many real cases for everyone and made her own boring training become a vivid sharing session. After the meeting, many guests felt that they had benefited greatly and started "one-on-one" consultation with their teachers. A "travel" experience Six series of audience guests evaluation of the highest than the theme exhibition area set in the venue. Models wearing new clothes, decorated in various props platform for guests to show the core selling point of the series. Guests feel the water boy designer ingenuity. The theme of "Urban Fashion" is fashion urban style, highlighting color contrast, simplicity, fashion, unnatural style printing, geometric combination, big wave dot two-color stripe and so on. "Holiday Leisure" series of girls in rural holiday theme, colorful printed cloth-based leisure series. "Holiday Leisure" series of boys give a walk in the beach, the suburbs, free play happy, fresh feeling. "Classic dress" series, the girl is the temperament of the princess feel temperament, suitable for attending the event, the festival is wearing. The boy is based on the practical English gentleman style, elegant style of life based on British style. The "Ocean Series" theme is built around a rich underwater world. Like to go to the beach to play the girls for the blue underwater world pattern, rich print, big skirt must put it down. Orange-based "candy box" series uses a comfortable and cute Printed Fabric, adds vitality color for girls. The colorful pieces with a cartoon pattern of "Bear Story" series of male children's clothing, kids will certainly be able to enjoy a colorful spring and summer. Twenty years as one day is still courageous This year coincided with the Beijing Jiaman Garments Co., Ltd. established its twentieth anniversary, one of its sub-brands of children's clothing children aged 17 or over. In the past 20 years, after the joint efforts of management and staff, the company has created one industry miracle after another. From sales to brand image has been recognized by consumers and peers. Water Children's clothing for 10 consecutive years won the "Beijing market sales rankings," the honor, and from 2006 to now won the "Beijing marketing gold medal" gratifying results. In addition, water children's clothing will also "China's top ten children's clothing brand" title include them. Twenty years as a day, water children's clothing is still courageously forward!

  Printed fabric is processed by high temperature printing and dyeing of grey cloth printing paper.

  Advantages of printed fabrics

     1. The pattern of the printed cloth is different in color, and it is beautiful and generous, solving the problem that only the solid color cloth was used before, and there is no printing.

     2. Greatly enrich people's material life enjoyment, and the use of printed cloth is very wide, not only can be worn as clothing, but also can be mass-produced.

     3. Good quality and low price, ordinary people can basically afford it, and they are loved by them.

     Shortcomings of printed fabrics

     1. The pattern of traditional printed cloth is relatively simple, and the limitations of color and pattern are relatively large.

     2. It is not possible to transfer the printing on the cotton fabric. After the printing cloth is used for a long time, there may be discoloration.

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