Under the age of 5, wear "hole shoes" with caution

【 Benevolence - Shoes and Life】 Today, colorful "hole shoes" have become a beautiful scenery on the streets. This shoe is soft, comfortable and breathable. It has been popular in Europe and the United States since last year and was once out of stock in the UK due to snapping up. Today, Dongdong shoes are also being welcomed by more and more Chinese people.

Hole shoes, although good, but not everyone is suitable, can always wear.

First of all, children under the age of 5 are vulnerable to wearing hole shoes. Since last year, the United States frequently suffers from toe holes in children wearing hole shoes and being lifted by elevators. In the summer, it averages 4 to 5 times per week. The Japanese government also warned consumers that children who wear holes in shoes are easily pinched by elevators. Domestically, it has also been reported recently that holes have been reported in shoe holes. Lacks, an American elevator expert, said that the hole shoes are too soft, easily deformed, and easily detached from the feet. Therefore, when the child wears it, it is easily pinched by the elevator's teeth. Children under the age of 5 are advised not to wear hole shoes when taking the elevator or going to the amusement park.

Second, it is not suitable to wear at home or at work. The breathability of the hole shoes is mainly generated by walking. When people sit in the office or at home, the shoes will not reach the exhaust effect at all, and they will sweat easily, resulting in a hot and moist feeling. Song Ping, deputy director of the Department of Dermatology at Guang’anmen Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said that the feet are not breathable and cause foot diseases. “If you have diabetic foot, you should pay attention to the ventilation of your feet.” Therefore, it is best not to wear them at home.

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