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Founded in December 2003, Chinour Men is mainly engaged in the production and sale of men's apparel products such as Chinour suit shirts and shirts. The main products are "Chinour SINOER, Groom Chinour," "Groom + XINLANG "And other own-brand suits and shirts.The company has taken direct and franchise-based, buy and OEM as an effective supplement sales model.In 2009, sales of suits product sales accounted for 77.6% of main business income, the other is Shirts, etc. Grooms Sinol Group is a large-scale enterprise that integrates real estate development, hotels, international trade, etc., which is mainly engaged in manufacturing of clothing and furniture.At present, with a total assets of 2.5 billion yuan and 12,600 employees, the Group owns Chinour Men's Industrial Park, Europe and the United States Seoul Furniture Industrial Park, two major industrial parks, a four-star foreign hotel. Production base covers an area of ​​1200000 square meters .InChina Textile and Apparel Association announced 2008-2009 China textile and garment enterprises competition Ranked No. 8 in the Top 500 and No. 4 in the 2008 China Top Ten Competitive Persons in the Apparel Industry. The Chinour Men's mission is to create an internationally renowned national brand with a high starting point The introduction of Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Japan and other world-class production hanging lines and ancillary equipment, clothing design R & D team strength. Group has the international advanced production equipment and first-class personnel, the company has a dozen international clothing Master joined, a number of international celebrities to create, create a unique design of Chinour Men's clothing.Nanour Men has been committed to the construction of marketing network system, the successful establishment of a franchise marketing model, formed covering the Jiangbei, the radiation of the country Of the marketing network.Nanour Men opened up the domestic service life free dry-cleaning service precedent, and always take the customer's needs as the value orientation, and continuously extend the service content in the industry formed a unique style of after-sales service.

Slide Sheets for Hospital

  The Slide Sheets For Hospital are also called patient aid flat slide sheets. The slide sheets are made of very durable and heavy-duty nylon, if used and laundered correctly, the patient aid flat slide sheets will last for years. They are a low friction device used to aid family members and health care professionals in repositioning, turning and transferring the patient`s body in bed. The slide sheets for hospital are usually made in dark colors like red, burgundy, green, blue, navy and black. We`ll also make waterproof for the slide sheets, so it won`t get dirty and can wash easier.

Our company, Shijiazhuang Guangda Textile Co., Ltd usually makes the patient aid flat slide sheets70x140cm, 100x140cm; other sizes are also makable. We fold the slide sheets, packed with poly bag, then put them into carton with customer logo and name; we can also pack them as customer required.

Slide Sheets For Hospital

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