Zambian apparel owners cancel garment pay agreement

Zambia’s apparel owners recommended to the Southern African Textile and Clothing Trade Union (SACTWU) that they will end the 2011-2012 apparel industry party wage agreement.

In a letter entitled: "Complete 2011-2012 substantive agreement", the clothing manufacturer's association (AMSA) went to Andrei, secretary-general of the southern African textile and garment trade union. Criller stated as follows: "On behalf of the regional agreement affiliated with the Apparel Manufacturers Association, you have received notice that the substantive agreement will expire on August 31, 2012, and the substantive agreement will end."

The agreement includes a provision for the wages of new workers to float 30%. The Zambian Association of Manufacturers Association’s statement means that this requirement will end.

We are confused as to why the Zambian apparel manufacturer agreement would do this, at a time when the public has often stated that the wages of the garment industry are too high (of course, we disagree with this argument because garment workers have the lowest wages in the manufacturing industry throughout the country). . However, the Secretary General of the South African Textile Garment Union and the secretary of our two state organizations have officially met with senior leaders of the Zambian Garment Manufacturers Association on June 20. At the meeting, we clarified the consequences of their conclusion of the agreement. They identified in the meeting that the new wage rate of the factory will end.

The Southern African Textile and Garment Union has carefully considered this issue. It is now an agreement to the apparel manufacturer. According to the terms of their notice, we accept the agreement.

This means that all new workers whose original wages have fallen by 30% will start from September 1 this year and their wages will automatically increase by 30%.

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