Wonderful "Rejuvenation" 2012 autumn and winter new conference is about to debut in Shenzhen Clothing Fair

July 9, 2012, Wan Zefeng International Fashion Group's brand wonderful will be "Huan Yi" as the theme of high profile appeared in the twelfth China (Shenzhen) International Branded Apparel Fashion Fair. By then, will be in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 5 opened a new round of autumn and winter visual feast. From all parts of the franchisee, agents, clothing dealers, department stores, the industry and senior media across the country will come together to witness the event.

Huanxuan Yi, raise the ever-changing fashion kingdom

The wonderful 2012 autumn and winter new release will use a unique form of scene interpretation for us to tell a beautiful story of a Cinderella and Prince encounter. The conference is mainly divided into Fair Lady, Paris Love, left bank Chanson, Florence night, Bordeaux waltz, Miss Hepburn six major series.

万泽丰 - WONDERFUL beauty

Wonderful fashion brand women's autumn and winter 2012 is about to open the new world

Season clothing to the romantic French city as the background, from the bustling, elegant, romantic in one of the Avenue Champs Elysees to the beautiful Seine side of the stop; from the left bank cafe in the fine tea to the Louvre The setting sun in the sunset before the setting sun, the scent in the floating scent of the gallery and the mellow wine in the Bordeaux Manor ... the vintage style of the 60's and the classic style of "wonderful" dress are integrated into the latest The popular element, the loose casual H shape, hippie flared pants, sweet, retro peter pan small round neck shape, elegant lady cloak clever combination. Simple, stylish design, elegant and chic detail changes, exquisite tailoring work, will fully demonstrate the unique modern fashion women's fashion needs and cultural taste. The details of the changes and the renovation with the effect, fully demonstrates the charm and confidence of modern women at the same time, conference will become a major fashion Aspect. By then, will give us a different fashion shock!
Wonderful look forward to working with you to join hands in brand development plans to open a new season of fashion romantic journey! !

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