According to the men's gift London Olympic Games about Chinese fashion story

At the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, Lancaster House, England, a "special" fashion show amazed the world. The reason why "special" is because the show's model is not just the people who impress those tough, smooth lines supermodel. These "models" vary in height and thickness, but are a group of opinion leaders who can represent the Chinese economy. Yes, this is a unique Chinese sports stars, artists and entrepreneurs on the same stage catwalks, common interpretation of the Chinese brand fashion story. Dressed in Chinese fashion Cao Guowei, Ma Weihua, Zhu Xinli, Miao Hongbing, Liu Jiuren, Wang Chao Chung, Yu Minhong ... ... gestures, do not have some tolerance. When Lenovo Chairman Liu Chuanzhi took barley onto the stage, the audience applause, the climax after another. This is the Chinese fashion show that EVEGROUP, the Chinese menswear brand, presented for the London Olympics opening day. Chinese fashion story The same day the British government for the first time named after the country's high-end economic and cultural exchange activities - "China Business Day." Chinese entrepreneurs attending the scene have created almost 10% of China's GDP. Matching Chinese entrepreneurs is a group of business people who can influence the world. Special places, special times, a group of people with dreams tell the truth about China in another way. According to the group chairman Xia Hua is undoubtedly the total planning of this show, in her eyes, this is a unique opportunity to be able to tell the story of Chinese brands, to listen to Westerners. "On the day of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, this show brought together the most energetic people in the world." Hua Xia detailed the fashion show's shock to London in an interview with CBN. How can this Chinese fashion story be told to the audience? The theme of "harmony" is to express the harmony of the world's future, the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, life and all things. XIA Hua and his team took half a year to prepare: Wang Chaoge, a founding member of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Olympic Games, took part in the project. He carefully collected the water samples of the Brahmaputra and the soil samples of Zhoukoudian. The guest entrepreneurs in the melodious Chinese music Gently sow the seeds of life. Simple and modern models of clothing, bid farewell to the plate buckle, embroidery, Tangzhuang. Instead, there is the modern style of Chinese charm. This also represents the transformation and upgrading created by China in China and is a symbol of the maturity of China's brand. Representing China's sports, commerce, fashion, culture has entered a whole new stage. "A good story, in fact, no language, we can understand." Xia Hua said. Bid farewell to low-end value chain This is a complete release of Chinese brand accumulation. For Evin and Xiahua, the Chinese fashion brand appears in the West with an internationalized fashion context and perspective and is starting to experiment with westerners' aesthetic and buying habits. To gather like Liu Chuanzhi such a group of entrepreneurs to help out, not only because of the Olympic Games China Business Day, more importantly, after many years of operation, according to the Group in the pursuit of high-quality customer service intentions, has long been a number of top Business people agree. Business people on-site dress up, according to the text for the introduction of senior business customers butler service. Intent to strengthen customer experience and customer experience. "They need top-notch service, the best respect and the best products for them." Hua Xia explains VIP needs in this way. How to seize the characteristics of consumers, to meet the psychological needs of consumers, has always been the best brand stepping stone. Another personalized service is the gift of customized gifts at the festival. Because the gifts made by Ewen are unique in style and unique in Chinese style, they often receive a large number of orders after they are presented as gifts, thus developing into today's Ewenki gift company. Today's Evangeline Group owns five original brands Evangeline, Notting Hill, Kevin Kelly, Jacquipur, EVEdeUOMO, NOTTINGHILL, Kevin Kelly, JAQUESPRITT, EVEdeCINA. Business areas include clothing, apparel, wear, gifts, international brand agency and cultural and creative fields. At present, the country already has more than 500 stores, the group annual sales of hundreds of millions of dollars. In the past, Chinese garment enterprises, like other Chinese manufacturing industries, had OEMs and low-end prices as the main competitive mode. Today, a group of garment enterprises represented by Ewen Group have started to upgrade their high-end value chains and began to realize the brand value enhancement of "leading design" and "customer-oriented service". "China has formed a huge consumer market for luxury goods and the Chinese fashion industry is also receiving unprecedented international capital attention. The apparel industry is facing a restructuring and upgrading." Hua Xia said, "This is an opportunity." However, the rapid growth of the Chinese market is also At the same time bring the competition of international apparel giants. Chinese garment enterprises are faced with the problem of having to adapt quickly to internationalization. "Chinese enterprises need wisdom in the process of internationalization. In the past, apparel companies believed that internationalization is going overseas to open a shop and nowadays it is not easy to stand on the international market without addressing the issue of internationalization." Hua Xia had been 6 years ago Aware of this problem, after the integration, today's Evan text already has 147 international suppliers of raw materials and producers, and established a multi-international team of designers to truly design China's global manufacturing. "From the cost advantage to the product superiority transition, from the processing superiority to the technological superiority transformation, the Chinese manufacturing industry can have its own position on the international stage again." Hua emphasizes.


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