Bangji deer brand children's clothing to cultivate children's unique aesthetic

Deer is good at running represents the brave forward, the constant pursuit of dreams, deer like playing on behalf of lively and lovely, deer loving live on behalf of solidarity. Bagee deer brand children's clothing to cultivate children's unique aesthetic concept, to cultivate elite children's growing charm and leadership qualities, looking forward to the extraordinary future achievements and taste. Bangji deer children's clothing will be "fashion, leisure, personality," into every corner of the lives of children and adolescents, interpretation of cute, brave, innocence, wisdom and dreams. Dongguan Zhuo Yi Hao Clothing Industry Co., Ltd .: formerly known as Dongguan Yong Hao Garment Industry Co., Ltd., was established in 1989. Company is located in Liaobu Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, is a professional clothing processing enterprises, to undertake major customers at home and abroad orders. Factory covers an area of ​​25,000 square meters, has a new style of modern plant, convenient transportation and beautiful environment, superior welfare. The company directly produces more than 2,000 employees, the monthly production capacity of 1,000,000. Advanced technology, quality assurance, on time delivery, so by the major brands of apparel groups at home and abroad, with Sweden H & M; Denmark ONLY, Hong MA lion and the domestic Semir Group, Jeanswest Group, Hangzhou Jiangnan commoner, More than 200 brand apparel companies have always maintained good relations of cooperation. Because of its strength, management practices, services in place, reputable, the company won the "Guangdong Province] 100 garment manufacturing enterprises", "Dongguan tax Star Enterprise" and "employee satisfaction Enterprise" and many other honorary titles.

Cashmere and silk blended camouflage Shawl is made of cashmere and silk mixed processing worsted shawl, the blended series products can improve performance in the production and the finished product, make the cashmere, silk on the performance of complement each other. The camouflage shawl of a hundred lap is breathable and practical, not only can in winter around the neck to protect against the cold, but also can be in summer wear on the shoulder sunshade, no matter what kind of the method is very fashion. Big size shawl gives your modelling to bring more changeful likelihood, and also make modelling more rich stereo and the functional also stronger. The shawl has a warm and decorative effect, and sometimes a very common outfit feels very different when it comes to a shawl. A good shawl can improve women's taste. It can keep out the cold. Can show female temperament and grade more and increase the gentleness of woman. Camouflage printing and dyeing effect make the shawl more vivid , and more can show the woman's temperament and grade and increase a woman's tender feeling.

Cashmere and Silk Camouflage Shawl

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