Beige bear children's wear fabric to create a model of environmental protection

Modern city, the deterioration of ecological environment is more and more serious. The ozone hole has emerged over Antarctica, and the Arctic glaciers are melting. These sudden changes in the environment make people have to value our way of life, and strive to protect our planet. Beige Bear children's wear, follow the concept of environmental protection clothing, a model of environmental protection. Beige bear children wear high fabrics to create a model for environmental protection 3-16-year-old dress code can be the first priority is how to protect children's delicate children's body. Therefore, the selection of children's wear excellent low-carbon green fabric, not only comfortable and reliable, but also very safe and healthy. Second, children's clothing to consider the children's interest orientation, for different personality children developed a different pattern, to the maximum extent possible to meet the different children's dress code. Beige Bear children's wear fabric to create a model for environmental protection Kemi Bear children's clothing firmly believe that there is no shortcut on the road to environmental protection, only by step by step hard work to have rich harvest.

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