Xiu Shang | Hello, big world small naive 19SS Shanghai Fashion Week KIDSWEAR children's wear release

"Hello, big world!" Little naive little naïve Shanghai Fashion Week kidswear children's wear release big show on October 18th, in the world where the charm blooms - Shanghai Jingan 800 show opened a wonderful curtain. The media elites from all walks of life gathered in Shanghai to celebrate the fashion.

This little naive Little Naïve 19SS Shanghai Fashion Week show is divided into three parts, from the land of Morocco to Paris to Russia, which explains the aesthetics of life that we want to pass to the children through clothing.

Part1 Morocco

The first stop we arrived in Morocco, the designer brought the mottled red wall of the ancient city, the green plants of the Mayor garden, and brought the true and freedom belonging to this land to the clothes. On the catwalk, the bells of the children are so melodious, making the audience feel like they are in the Sahara desert in the sunset. Comfortable fabrics, simple design, atmospheric style... From the hustle and glitz of the city, people can't help but find the child in their heart, like the street boy who runs freely in the open air market in Marrakech, brave, natural, not affectation.

Part2 Paris

With the paper plane flying in the air, we came to the Rodin Museum in Paris. In this series, there are a large number of art-related clothing styles, which is the instinct that Xiao Tianzhen has been committed to conveying the aesthetics of life through clothing. The cross-border cooperation with many artists shines on the t-stage. The small models hold the drawing boards and brushes, sometimes they are elegant and sometimes elegant, sometimes romantic and quiet... reflecting the children's clothing can also have a high-level aesthetic attitude.

Part3 Russia

The last stop was chosen at the Wagangova Ballet Academy in Russia, a paradise for ballet dancers. Romantic dreams are swayed in a variety of custom-made pettiskirts, star-studded with various materials, and balloons floating in the air, making the whole t-stage a fantasy in fairy tales. Kingdom, the girl's heart that overflows the screen. Children are like independent and shining stars, chasing their dreams in this gentle world.

"Edventuring", consisting of education and adventure, is educated in exploration and adventure, which is the core of our desire to express through this show. Each child is uniquely innocent, has extraordinary talent, creativity, and is a natural artist. Think of the world as your own classroom, and continue to learn and grow in real life.

The world is so big, the children’s journey of growth is yet to be continued...

Little naïve small naive brand introduction

Founded in 2016, Little Naive is a small, natural and fashionable children's wear brand. It is operated by Hangzhou Tianzhen Garment Co., Ltd. and is affiliated to Hangsi Group. It is the first high-end children's wear brand independently designed, developed, produced and operated by Hangsi Group. Little innocence, born for good taste and creativity. Natural materials, high-quality texture, Paris style, this is the aesthetics of life we ​​want to pass to the children through clothes. Advanced beauty, children's clothing is also available.

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