"9 basic common sense" about silver jewelry


1. Why is the silverware not sold in grams? Because the silverware is sold, it not only reflects its own value, but also has a part of the craft value. It cannot be measured by grams, so it is not sold by grams. The traditional silverware is sold in grams. The fashion silver is because: a, inlaid with crystal, zircon, etc., so it can not be resold by gram. b. The surface has a coating, which is a precious metal such as palladium and ruthenium, which is far higher than the value of silver itself.

2. Why is the silver decoration illuminated in the light for a long time?

Silver itself is very chemically active. Uncoated silver is relatively hot under the light and is easily chemically reacted with sulfur dioxide in the air to form black silver sulfide.

3. Why is the color silver jewelry faded after a long time?

Color silver has different effects depending on the material of the process. The color silver similar to gold and rose gold is surface-plated with K gold, and the coating will eventually reveal the color of the silver itself. There are also some ceramics, glazes, etc., although they will not fade, but oxidation will also occur. This is because the glaze on the surface of the silver jewelry can not completely cover the silver tire, so the place where the bare silver edge is exposed is easier to oxidize (the silver is easily oxidized when exposed to air, and the silver jewelry should not be directly exposed to the air), after oxidation. Silver edges will appear yellow and black.

4. Which is better for 925 Silver and 990 Silver?

Both 925 Silver and 990 Silver are unique according to personal hobbies. 925 Silver is a relatively mature process containing silver. It combines craftsmanship and purity to create a number of exciting styles. 990 Silver is aimed at people with sensitive skin, such as children.

5. Is nickel-plated jewelry harmful to human body?

Excessive nickel content is harmful to the human body, so the state has strict regulations on the nickel content of jewelry.

6. What is the solution for blackening silver?

If the silver jewelry turns black, don't rush to wash it with silver. Because silver water is a chemical, it also has a certain corrosive effect on the jewelry. Silver cloth is your first choice. There are also many small recipes, such as putting a silver jewelry in a cola for a night, or brushing with a soft brush, but after washing, you must remember to dry the water with a cotton cloth.

7. What is the difference between 990 silver and 925 sterling silver?

One is that silver with different silver content is 99% silver, while 925 sterling silver is 92.5% silver sterling silver, which is internationally recognized as sterling silver standard. Palladium is applied to prevent silver from turning yellow and black in the case of oxidation or vulcanization. In the current silver jewelry market, most of them use 925 silver, which is often used in mosaic, imitation K gold, white gold style. Second, the hardness of the two is different, that is, the hardness of 990 silver is softer than that of 925 pure silver. The third is the 990 silver silver used to make jewelry silver, such as bracelets, locks and so on.

8, 18KGP simulation jewelry is good?

KGP is gold or gold-plated. The more common is 18KGP. That is to say, the jewelry itself is alloy, but the surface is gold-plated. It belongs to a kind of simulated jewelry.

9. What are the reasons for the blackening of silverware?

A. Because each person's endocrine and physical condition are different, some people's sweat contains more acid, some people are less, and some people have higher sulfur content in body fluids. These are substances that cause the surface of the silverware to become black, so Everyone wearing silver jewelry will produce different results, and some people will be as bright as new for half a year.

B. Sulfur, nitric acid and oxides in air and other substances (such as cosmetics) have a certain corrosive effect on silver. Silver jewellery is worn for a long time. When sulphur and silver are combined, a black silver sulfide film is formed on the surface of the silver jewellery. It begins to appear as tiny spots, which then diffuse into pieces, forming what is commonly called silver scale. It becomes black and affects the surface gloss of silver jewelry. People often mistake it for color.

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