All cowboy experience museum landing 2014 CHIC Beijing clothing exhibition

All cowboy jeans were born in China! The new cowboy experience hall debut 2014CHIC Beijing clothing exhibition. To the visitors to bring a "different cowboy, not the same living space." All jean cowboy clothing, denim furniture, coffee products and Internet sales platform together, so that consumers experience the new cowboy, through the formation of industrial clusters to create all the jean brand charm. Not only showcased in the pavilion the latest collection of denim clothing, the more attractive is that all the original "old jeans recycling" will be recycled jeans denim into a consumer favorite stools, sofas, pet clothing. Through the combination of advanced laser elements and traditional cowboy and coffee, it brings a different visit experience. In order to comply with the law of market development in the new period and seize the historic opportunity of "major industrial transfer of the world", the government of Junan Town takes the guidance of "going out and bringing in." In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, Market development needs "as the criterion; the use of industrial advantages, and further" all cowboy "brand into a world-class brand name business cards to enhance the" average security cowboy "internationalization level of the industry. The "all cowboy" collective trademark as a business card, and take the initiative to participate in the international market cooperation and competition, broaden sales channels, extend the industrial chain, expand the "average cowboy" influence and enhance the "average cowboy" in the domestic and international markets Competitive advantage and market share.

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