Analysis on the production management skills of glassware enterprises

[China Glass Network] If the production management of a glassware enterprise is not good, it is difficult to develop the enterprise. The owner of the glassware enterprise should pay attention to the production management work within the enterprise. As a manager, it is also necessary to strictly demand itself. , constantly improve their professional skills, in order to better manage the production of glassware enterprises. In addition, the arrival of the era of knowledge economy, the implementation of enterprise market management and the establishment of the status of manufacturing centers have put forward higher requirements for enterprise production management. Therefore, explore the production management of glassware enterprises in the new situation. And targeted improvement in production management has become an inevitable choice for glassware enterprises to adapt to the development of market economy. Production management has broad and narrow meanings. The generalized production management refers to the management of all production and operation activities, including: production process management, quality management, efficiency management, cost management, equipment management, inventory management, safety management, and environmental and morale management. Narrowly defined production management refers to the management of the production process, that is, the management of the production technology of the enterprise, the investment of machine materials, the molding of the process, and the management of the specific activities of the product packaging. It mainly includes: preparation of production plan and production operation plan, organization of production process and control of production process. I analyzed the three techniques in the production management of glassware enterprises as follows:

1. Standardization: The so-called standardization means that there are various norms in the enterprise, such as: procedures, regulations, rules, standards, processes, etc., which form the textualized things are collectively referred to as standards (or standard books). Setting standards and then acting on standards is called standardization. Those who believe that the standard has been prepared or revised and that the standardization has been completed are wrong. Only after guidance and training can standardization be implemented. The improvement of management level is endless. Although standardization has many system, system, and consciousness obstacles in many domestic enterprises, it is necessary to come up with the slogan of 'Mingzhishan has a tiger and prefers Hushanxing' to truly make the glassware product "Made in China" a synonym for high quality.

2. Visual management: How visual management is implemented largely reflects the on-site management level of an enterprise. Whether on the spot or in the office, visual management is a great place to work. On the basis of understanding its key points and standards, the extensive use of visual management will bring huge benefits to the internal management of the enterprise. The so-called visual management is a management method that causes people's consciousness to change through vision. There are three main points in visual management: (1) No matter who can judge whether it is good or bad (abnormal); (2) It can be judged quickly and with high precision; (3) The judgment result will not vary from person to person. In daily activities, we perceive things through 'five senses' (visual, smell, hearing, touch, taste). Among them, the more commonly used is 'visual'. According to statistics, 60% of human actions begin with the perception of 'visual'. Therefore, in the management of enterprises, it is clear that various management states and management methods are clear and clear, so that they are “clear at a glance”, so that they are easy to understand and easy to comply, and allow employees to fully understand, accept, and perform various tasks independently. Great benefit.

3. Management Kanban: Management Kanban is a form of management visualization, that is, the performance of data, information, etc. at a glance, mainly for the transparent management of management projects, especially information. It reveals hidden information on documents, in the brain or on the spot through various forms such as slogans/current status boards/charts/electronic screens, so that anyone can keep abreast of the management status and necessary dynamic information. Quickly develop and implement response measures. Therefore, management kanban is a very effective and intuitive means of finding and solving problems, and it is one of the indispensable tools for on-site management. Management Kanban is an efficient and easy management method. Effective application is a kind of management solution for enterprise managers (management kanban generally has production kanban, abnormal kanban).

In short, for glassware enterprises in a development-oriented and competitive market environment, it is necessary for enterprise production management to pay attention to the influence of the external environment of the enterprise. Therefore, cost management issues should be considered in the entire market environment. By understanding the value chain of the entire industry for production management, it is more conducive to the realization of corporate strategic goals. Therefore, the production management of modern glassware enterprises not only includes the control of the cost of production, but also the control of the cost of circulation, and the control, research, introduction, development and design costs. Not only do you have to control costs through management, but you also manage costs through work skills.

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