YOUDAIZI recommended by Yanzi Women's 2013 Summer Collection

YOUDAIZI is a new collection of female summer 2013 by Yanzi Women's Wear. The Zizi brand emphasizes the original charm of women and expresses their natural advantages. Choose the most popular colors and fabrics, equipped with outstanding design talents, blend the characteristics of the Oriental women, designed specifically for fashion women who chase stylish fashion in large and medium-sized cities, and take full account of every detail in life, providing a range of matching Wearing a boutique, free interpretation of personal fashion style.

YOUDAIZI recommended by Yanzi Women's 2013 Summer Collection

The Daiko brand, focusing on the details of the design, reveals the dynamic body details of women. The bold application of folds, structural changes, beads, lace, and embroidery, as well as the European-inspired prints, are the distinctive styles of the Daizi brand. The aim of the Dianzi brand is to inject a splendid fashion trend for the women's wear industry.

The brand name is a summation of emotions, thoughts and feelings that are evoked in the minds of consumers. When consumers choose a brand, they often choose not all the features of the brand, and they do not want to understand all the features of the brand. It is often a key feature of the brand that draws their attention. The “Bravo” brand will introduce sexual features and emotional symbols to convey the personality of the brand and increase the sense of belonging of the target consumer group in order to achieve market expansion and consolidation. Brand Trends: 20- to 30-year-old girls and girls who specialize in the personalities of MIND (mind spirit) in this age group make new and cutting-edge fashion apparel.

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