Boyfriend wardrobe looks for inspiration for eight sexy items

This site August 13 hearing, how many girls are taking advantage of her boyfriend's wardrobe, their shirts, motorcycle jackets, vests ... ... how many single items have been quietly included in your second-hand clothing list of desire? Finding inspiration from men's clothing has become one of the sources of women's creative creativity.

【Motorcycle jacket】

The gender identity of motorcycle jackets has long been obscured by the liberation of women’s ideas. In the era of rock and roll, this fashion has become a footnote that cannot be ignored, as if those rock singers had no locomotives. Jackets can not be called rocker! Women's motorcycle jacket is only a miniature version of the men's models, the same material, the same cut lines, the same zipper and other accessories, do not too tangled style, because the motorcycle jacket is as long, is a classic Precipitation, what you need to consider is whether it fits well enough.


Men's knitwear is not as fancy as the lady's style. The warmth they convey is not only the warmth, but also the elements such as the style and the gentleman, because it is necessary to consider the autumn and winter suits in the suits or windbreakers. Pure and simple monochrome, elegant lattice, when you use in the lady with, due to loose shoulder lines and a more solid method of preparation, the shape of the look will be more tend to male style.

【water proof coat】

In the summer, white skirts with canvas shoes, you need to have a loose men's clothing! This style is quite boyish. If you often come in and out of the gym, it is recommended that such men's waterproof sportswear. For the daily mix, some fine slim shorts are more appropriate.


No fashion can show professionalism more than a suit! This season's designer's suit shows a small size directly from the men's wear, copied to the women's T stage, sharp cut and streamlined button accessories for business wear With a more focused display of style, the highly saturated color of the smelter will be quite charming on the man's body, but the upper body of the woman is more feminine than the black and white ash.

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