Coca-Cola holding "neighbor girl" quickly became popular


The summer of 2013, Coca-Cola marketing surprising.

Known as the "red storm," said Coca-Cola over the past simple bottled style, walked the "sell Meng" line, playing a creative, the new nickname bottle series, it is hidden mystery. Local fashion brand " Neighbor Girls " unveiled label bottles, Coca-Cola shot this extraordinary, deep cooperation, direct cross-border partners in the product label on the brand, direct holding the "neighbor girl" quickly became popular, behind We try to find out what's going on.

Cross-border cooperation and "selling Meng" are not the original and patent of Coca-Cola. Starting from Taobao's "pro and what needs help," to Liu Qiangdong's "tonight, inexplicably excited" and then to Starbucks's "Meng Meng Alarm Clock" Doing a marketing gimmick in a cute, naive language has never stopped. In retrospect, Coca-Cola this dozens of nickname bottle selling Meng series, why only one "neighbor girl" brand name among them? The reason, all the nicknames such as "girlfriends", "meow star", "Happy Emperor", "God" and other nicknames, all lack of "neighbor girl" bounty "selling Meng" advantage, I made some comparative study.


First, the neighboring girl as a local fashion brand, in the industry has the leadership of the brand temperament and style, customers 85, 90 after the young group mainly in the domestic market has nearly 700 terminal stores, located in In more than 100 cities throughout the country, the brand has been developing rapidly in recent years with a steady pace. The brand has been advocating the idea of ​​sharing beauty and touching with Coca-Cola in the face of the vast majority of young consumer groups and the concept of sharing happiness advocated in recent years Together The two brands can play a strong alliance on the strengths of the Matthew effect.

Second, the "girl next door" has been one of the hotly sought after online buzzwords. Coca-Cola's hot-selling nickname bottles are all derived from the popular words on the Internet. "Coca-Cola ' Into the post-90s era. "Hong Lei, PR Asia's PR firm, said that the mainstream way of marketing after 80 is to use the current red star as an endorsement, arousing consumer's brand loyalty and reputation degree. After 90, young people like to use a more grassroots way to publicize themselves, "I" as the center to achieve the recognition and expression of self-worth. Compared with the nicknames of "Big Coffee", "White Fu Mei" and "Technical Man", "Neighbor Girl" is more like a recognition and respected label of young women group. It is also the goddess and angel , You can say "neighbor girl" nickname bottle men and women "pass kill" is not an excuse.

I also learned that in August, the neighboring girls around the terminal stores, the official website, microblogging, WeChat, SNS and other social media, have released the "love of music, love the girl next door," the marketing activities, the joint line nearly 700 Terminal store, together to share this bottle of happy "girl next door" Cola, activities are in full swing, the performance is quite eye-catching, when the coke met the girl next door, will be turned into Coke Goddess? Or coke angel? This left to the side of the gods to guess it.

I would like to say is that Coca-Cola has always played rigorous selling Meng, mix and match the girls next door to the local fashion brand, the sparks of sparking, has made neighboring girls popular throughout the north and south, so clever, generous, deep and successful cross-border cooperation , Is it going to give the industry's competitors, in the downturn of the market environment to bring greater pressure?

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