Top ten famous beads in the ancient world

1. "The Pearl of Asia", the bead was discovered in 1736 as a giant natural wild pearl. Its shape is peculiar and slightly cylindrical. Its size is 76×49 mm and weighs 605 carats, or 121 grams. It is worth $200,000.

2, "Hop Pearl", a giant pearl hidden in the Bank of London, was the world's largest natural wild pearl, weighing 1800 grains, 450 carats or 90 grams, its shape is very strange, almost like The cylinder, even more magical, is that the end of the cylinder is white and the other end is brown. The giant bead is 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) long and has a waist circumference of 3.5-4.5 inches and is now housed in a British museum.

3, "Carota Pearl", also known as the Queen of Mexico, its shape is round, weighing 86 grains (one grain = 0.25 carats), which is 21.5 carats or 4.3 grams, this is a quality Extremely excellent natural wild pearls. According to legend, this pearl was once owned by the Mexican Queen Carlota, hence the name.

4, "Regent Wang Zhu", oval, weighing 84.25 carats or 16.85 grams, sold in 1887. A large pearl that once belonged to the French royal family.

5, "Notiga Pearl" is a strange and famous big pearl, green, produced by abalone shellfish. Weighing 43.75 carats or 8.75 grams, this giant bead is owned by Mrs. Noga.

6. "Laparegina Pearl" has a weight of 134 grains, which is 33.5 carats or 6.7 grams. Found in Venezuela in 1560. Originally donated to Philip II of Spain, it was unknown in 1734 due to the fire in the palace.

7. Charles II Pearl, discovered in 1691, was named after the gift to Emperor Charles II of England. It weighs 28 carats or 5.6 grams.

8, "Lapa Laguna Pearl", its weight is 112 grains or 5.6 grams, its shape is round. The tsarist era was hidden in the Moscow Museum. It is a famous pearl of great history.

9. "Pearl Queen" is a very beautiful oriental pearl weighing 27.5 carats or 5.5 grams. It was stolen in 1792 with the jewelry of the French royal family.

10, "Ovido Pearl", in 1520 someone bought a large pearl in Panama, weighing 26 carats or 5.2 grams, it is said that some people exchanged 650 times the pure gold weight of pearls. The bead is also known as the Moulais pearl.

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