Witness the legend of Chinese children's clothing, curious and odd hand CCTV He together ten years

CCTV and coke, odd brand strategic cooperation signing ceremony Yan Jiahua, chairman of the floor, said the champagne toast In the parent-child economy, the rapid development of China's children's wear industry. Recently, the well-known children's wear brand Kelly Keqi held a grand "Happy Ten • Thanksgiving Decade" celebration on July 8, CCTV children's channel leader, the leadership of Guangdong Provincial Government, Foshan Municipal Party Committee and Guangdong Provincial Designer Association President and other important guests, are present at the scene for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the prosperity of China's children's clothing industry as a microcosm of the flourishing, witnessed the brilliant fruit of China's children's clothing industry a decade! According to reporters at the scene learned that the carnival Fiesta Foshan brand this 10th anniversary celebrations and the 2012 winter new orders will be unusually grand hot event attracted a total of more than a thousand people from the industry came to the meeting, the scene 堪称 magnificent. At the same time, the General Assembly also invited CCTV children's channel Wang Guoyu, general manager, Guangdong provincial government leaders, leaders of Foshan municipal Party committee, president of Guangdong Provincial Association of designers, senior executives of Google Inc., BMW Asia Pacific General Manager and other celebrities attended the meeting, becoming nearly ten China's children's wear industry's most massive gathering of the year! It is worth mentioning that the meeting is dispatched 4 BMW X1 and 4 Toyota Camry site to help out as a huge rewards for the coke brand dealers, the shocking scene called the industry's most! In the "Happy Ten Years Thanksgiving Decade" celebrations and new conference, the company chairman Mr. Yan Jiahua and CCTV children's channel Wang Guoyu, general manager of a grand ceremony of signing a contract, the official wrote a curious and singular CCTV powerful combination of the future strategic blueprint. As we all know, CCTV as China's most authoritative and influential television media platform, with CCTV cooperation undoubtedly is the strength of the testimony of the enterprise is a strong brand capital embodiment. In response, Mr. Yan Jiahua, chairman of the company, said in an interview with media reporters: On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, he cooperated with CCTV and was witness to the ten-year brilliant Carnival company's remarkable brand expansion and a strategic layout for the expansion of the market. At the same time, at the celebration meeting, reporters also saw that the company donated 12 live-from-poor students from Hengyang, Hunan province, showing the love and gratitude of a loving company. It is reported that the curious odd odd has been working tirelessly in public welfare, never vocal, but perseverance, which has become China's children's products industry in a "heterogeneous." In addition, the children of curios in the new product release link, but also fully demonstrated its latest winter 2012 new clothing, due to the style of novel, meticulous workmanship, full of fashion design elements, which get the dealer a wide range of Praise. It is reported that Foshan Carnival curious children can be singular children's clothing was founded in 2002, after ten years of baptism has become the leader in the children's clothing industry, China's children's products industry to become the leading brand. In fact, the success of the company is largely due to its focus, and Yan Jiahua himself "never do anything other than children's clothing" is the best interpretation of the unique and individual character of the company. "Focus on innovation, the pursuit of passion" is a motivating power of the curious thing, "forever grateful heart" is the guiding principle of its public welfare undertakings, on this basis, curious to take an advanced "brand franchise system" business model , Has formed a systematic brand identification system, operational decision-making, management system, training system. "Happy ten years • Thanksgiving ten years," we have reason to believe that with the Fiesta brand Foshan Fiesta celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Chinese children's wear industry another legendary decade is about to start!

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