Yan Lin 2012 Shenzhen Garment Fair quietly fall human fairy

The twelfth China (Shenzhen) international brand apparel trade fairs booth, Yan Lin design with flowers as the main axis, a flower fairy is the dream of every female youth, with a young confident, bloom their luster , Is to show the true self, reflecting the value of life.

Dawn, quietly awake flowers, with shy, plum, drooling and other different gestures bloom their charm, such as a mix of elves sway their own aura.

Floating in the sky with fantastic flowers, as if into a dream fairyland, you are immersive flower fairy.


妍琳2012深圳服装展 悄落人间的花仙子

Yan Lin YINLIM was founded in 2001, the brand convergence of elegant and restrained oriental culture and simple and generous Western culture, with their own unique point of view to interpret the meaning of fashion. Yan Lin YINLIM adhering to the "use the brand's own language interpretation of the charm of oriental women" for the purpose, and strive to meet the urban women desire to break through the self, the pursuit of individuality as the center of the psychological demands, imparting self-confidence, positive, fashion trend of life.

Simple, stylish, elegant and elegant has been Yan Lin YINLIM respected design concept, the contours of the contours of the fine show, sophisticated details of the deal with the stylish color, for every personality restrained, elegant taste, the pursuit of high quality of life of the female bloom Introverted and stylish atmosphere of life.

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