Ding Dong cat - Rainbow paradise, fairy tale Kingdom

A few days of continuous rain finally under the rainbow map wind and shine. Afternoon lazy sun hanging in the sky, returning to the rainbow in the sunshine high altitude suspension. Rainbow gorgeous seven colors closely linked, can not distinguish between the boundaries between them, as the horizon a beautiful bright landscape. Winter has never stopped moving forward. Jingle cats give rainbow-like love to children and lead their children to a wonderful journey of fairy tale. Colorful rainbow colors lead children through a fantastic magical journey, soft sunshine, bright childhood, the child seems to enter the delicate and playful fairy tale kingdom, enjoy the paradise in the Rainbow travel freely, flying freely. Ding Dong Cat 2011 autumn and winter series "Ding Dong Cat" intentions to create clothes in line with the Chinese children's body, with smooth cut lines, with dazzling color, highlight the elegant fashion theme, novel material and casual fold with highlight the fabric level With texture. Designers use a variety of design and process handling, cleverly contains a "fun, casual, fashion, health" and other emotional elements, demonstrating the growing children of essential health leisure culture through more details on the process, to reflect Child innocent side. 2011 "Ding Dong Cat" children's clothing, European and American fashion style of outstanding model. Cats cling to the nature of the main, pure, elegant natural colors, combined with the material safety, comfort, diversity, to create a soft, vibrant, childlike world. "Ding Dong Cat" brand children's wear "always care about the healthy growth of children" business philosophy, products by the vast number of consumers of all ages and love. In just a few years, "Doraemon Cat" became a big fan of China's top ten brand-name children's clothing.

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