Multi-color knitting sock manufacturing method

Recently, a sock manufacturing method that can knit multicolored colors has obtained national patents.

This method of manufacture includes at least the following steps: 1. According to the knitting arrangement of knitting socks, the master computer of the jacquard machine performs color separation processing and establishes the yarn eating instruction. 2. The total number of colors and yarns of the selected jacquard yarn is selected. The yarn is set on the creel so that all the knitting groups of the yarn feeder of the jacquard machine can be configured to a maximum of 46 different colors. Yarn; 3. The jacquard master computer controls the yarn feeder to perform a knitting operation and completes a sock body in accordance with the order of eating yarn instructions.

By means of the steps of the above method, it can weave any graphic pattern on the body of the hosiery. In the knitting of one body of the hosiery body, the yarn feeder in each knitting group adopts the operation of the same row of non-color changing yarn, and can knit 9 to 11 The color system, and the yarn feeder in each knitting group adopts the same row of color-changeable yarns, the whole sock body can be knitted with 20 to 46 color systems, thereby improving the aesthetics of the socks and the application of the multicolor system.


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