Lufthansa settled in Shenzhen Huaqiang North brand, consumers are most concerned about

October, wind and dance nine days, autumn Yingxiang; October, blue sky as wash, blue lofty. In this harvest season, the year's hard work has yielded tremendous results. In October, the season of joy is also the season of peace, because she's harvest, because given her sacred color, but also because she witnessed the brilliant ...... our way Sha Rlosa brand women's Oct. 28 grand settled in Shenzhen Huaqiang North, gratifying congratulations.

路莎 - Rlosa

Recently, the important activities of the brand plate "brand clothing consumer action survey" to stop. According to the survey results, people in Hong Kong have a strong preference for Lusha local brands in Shenzhen. Not only did more than 80% of respondents have had the experience of buying Lusha local brand apparel, but also recognized Lusha's fabrics, quality and workmanship . At the same time, the survey also shows that the "balance point" between the brand value and the commodity price has also become the focus of consumers.


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