Brace underwear create a beautiful body of the secret

Brax, a young man living in Braunschweis in the 16th century in southern France, whose ancestor was a traveling poet who went out from Blåwns in the twelfth century when it was called Trouveres. Braxton inherited Trouveres's ancestors outstanding talent and handsome appearance, travel poet identity mostly gentleman, knight or aristocracy, and even the monarch.

At age 25, Braxe began his journey through cities in southern France, a year later he came to Paris and lived in a tailor-made friend's house. Brace had a unique aesthetic perspective on clothing, and he gave many helpful suggestions to the tailor's friend, making the tailor shop a place where many Sir Alex Ferguson visited. Brax has naturally become a seat on the Grand Duke's guests. Bravus, singing Violin, sang and sang the ancient love poems, the fire in the hearth shining around the fervor of Sir Alex Ferguson and a group of aristocratic women. This year was also the seventh year that Princess Catherine de Medici from Barcelona married Henry II. Blacks, through the introduction of Montgomery Earl, entered the palace and became a distinguished guest of Princess De Medici.


Brace's came, the palace to reproduce the past knight culture of the scene. Princess De Medici was also deeply attracted by the young man's talent and handsomeness, and soon Braxton became the lover of Princess De Medici, while the tailor's shop became their regular Eden. Brad Fox sexy body for good Demetrio Brindisi Princess deeply shocked, he found the princess wearing a special bra, it is hard whalebone and cloth made of tight underwear , Brad Fox thought That is to create a princess beautiful body's secret. The underwear was quite popular in the upper classes of Italy and Spain at that time, but France did not. Since then, bra and cuff has become a very proficient work Bratrix.

布拉克斯内衣 塑造出美丽身材的秘密

Brace traveled with his romance in the various aristocratic mansions in Paris, in between his noble ladies and Miss Belle, of whom five were his lovers. With her familiarity and gift of clothing, Blakes made a cetacean corset for each of his Other five lovers according to the characteristics of the dignified underwear of Princess De Medici. For a time, bikini underwear spread in the aristocracy in Paris and became the darling of French aristocratic women sought after. Demeidis princess quite dissatisfied with the practice of Brax, so Brakes decided with his beloved lover Montgomery niece Roman Montgomery left Paris, returned to his romantic poetic hometown Brovines. Brahms elaborated a body-worn undergarment decorated with ivory and diamonds as a gift to Roman Montgomery, the happiest moment for Roman.

After that, Braxe does a body-tie underwear every year, offering her beautiful wife and forever lover on their wedding anniversary.

Bracex officially entered the Chinese market in 2010, and quickly gained the favor of many senior white-collar women in China to perform a European, fashion, romantic and healthy story.

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