Pokemon 2011 "Flying Seduction" series of winter snow wizard

Breeze four or five days, winter home Jiangnan wearing thick clothing, late autumn is over, full of wheat Autumn will fade lighter, silver makeup will be put on plain beauty map, it is nature's natural talent works. If you encounter the snow, it can be regarded as the most beautiful scenery, water and sky, sky snow flakes, snow elves dance to the world. Small skins launched in winter 2011 "Flying Seduction" series of down products, in the picturesque white winter let "playful" as snowflakes fly happy to make this winter colorful, the color used to break through the traditional Monochrome (black and white), groundbreaking use of bright colors red, yellow, blue, white and other colors combined with each other, so that the "small playful skin" in the eyes of the winter is no longer monotonous to wear colorful as happy to spend this winter . Small poncho focus on the cause of children's clothing, so that children can be healthy and happy life in innocent growth is our eternal goal of small play, poncho down jacket warm and fashion, so that children warm throughout the winter, fun , Happy every day.

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