U.S. home furnishing brand “Kerkaer” mattress can be used as underwear

U.S. home furnishing brand “Kerkaer” mattress can be used as underwear

Because of the confidence of the product quality, would dare to wear his own mattress when wearing underwear? On December 21st, “King Kerr” talked about quality in a product show at the Hilton Hotel, giving vivid lessons to many local companies preparing to build international brands.

In addition to tailoring underwear with their own accessories at the event venue and arranging models to dress up on the catwalk, the organizers also cleverly arranged an interesting experience: the mattress accessories were packaged into a delicate 'hand towel' before the event. Let everyone get it in advance. When people are still skeptical about their own hands, a senior foreigner of “Kan Kerr” reveals on the spot with his own actions: he carefully wipes his hands and face with the “hand towel”. It was originally intended to illustrate the hygiene and safety of the accessories and the organizers specially arranged small tidbits. Because the accessories are mostly used in clothing accessories such as branded jacket linings, and at the same time in the safety certifications presented by the National Environmental Protection Inspection Center, the test data also clearly shows that the hygiene index of the accessories is equivalent to a disposable towel—delivered from the product details. Health information, so that people on the scene feel the extraordinary strength from international brands.

Compared to ST.REGIS, JW MARRIOTT Marriott Intercontinental, THE WESTIN Westin, Hilton Hilton and other global five-star hotel's popularity, this 1898-year-old Minnesota established in the United States is not yet widely known as "a hundred-year-old store." Known to the Chinese, but as a sleep system standard setter including the above-mentioned hotels, as well as an exclusive supplier of R&D designs and products, customers of the “Kinkel” group have covered five continents and over 50 countries and regions in the world. Many well-known five-star hotels.

The safety of mattress accessories promoted in the field activities is just a detail of the product. Since the beginning of the founding, it was positioned in the high-end healthy sleep system. “Kim'er” also created many first and only in the world in professional fields: Developed the world’s first healthy mattress that meets the physiological characteristics of the human spine; the world’s first creatively developed independent spring cartridge and completely designed the world’s first independent spring mattress; targeting different needs of different people For the first time, "Latex" is used in mattresses, becoming the first bed manufacturer in the world to combine "Lattice" with spring; according to the head, neck, shoulders, back, legs, etc. Different parts of the human body, the world's first to use partitioned spring design; the world's first skin care products such as aloe vera plant weave into skin-friendly fabrics... Continuing focus and continuous innovation in sleep health engineering "The industry leadership position. Today it has become one of the most respected health mattresses for professional physicians worldwide, and it has the world's only accreditation of the ICA International Association for Chiropractic Association and the International Association for Spinal and Educational Research.

A person in charge of JSWB said at the event: In the Chinese market, it is seldom to see that other domestic bedding brands can achieve such a profound accumulation and cover a large area of ​​the high-end bedding market of five-star hotels around the world. "For children" is also an inevitable reason.

In terms of expanding for individual consumers, “Kim-Ker” also demonstrated good market potential. The market has grown by as much as 50% annually since entering the Shanghai market in five years. This is due to the “rapid expansion” of the total number of elites in Shanghai. On the other hand, it is due to the attention given by Shanghai's upstarts to their sleep health. It is understood that the current purchase of “Jin Keer” products is mostly made up of gold leaders in Shanghai, such as: actuaries, management consultants, lawyers, etc., talking about this undoubtedly rising “healthy sleep fever”, “Kim's” flagship store Salesperson Ms. Xu said, “These people are rich in income, but their work intensity and pressure are very high, they spend less time sleeping, and they have strict requirements on their sleep quality, and these people generally have a very strong level of identification of real quality. There will be choices in comparison, and health claims will be fully reflected in all aspects of our 'Kim' children's products, highly in line with our users' value expectations."

In the face of the current good market performance, the general manager of “Kinkel” China also expressed an optimistic attitude: “Although in the current Chinese market, five-star hotel channels account for the larger market share of 'King's children'. However, we are equally optimistic about the high-end home market. Confidence stems from our profound understanding of the culture of healthy sleep and our strict quality requirements. Even if the products in the Chinese market adhere to global quality standards, we have in fact always complied with international standards. The requirements to choose our raw material suppliers. To be like the French "Evian" mineral water, the quality will determine that it does not need to be boiled before it is opened for drinking." Faced with "Kim" children are shown in the event. With regard to the attitude of paying attention to quality, the head of the Consumers Association expressed the hope that more local bed brands in the market will be able to align with high international standards in order to further enhance the quality of life of Shanghai's consumers.

Mr. Robert J. Meijers, Director of Operations Asia Pacific, said “China's economy is entering the era of WTO.” “Kim can be a child” is a century-old brand of mattresses in the United States and is willing to share quality control with the relevant departments of the country. In terms of successful experience, we will join hands with you to improve the corresponding industry testing standards in China, and fulfill your own obligations in the standard and orderly development of the bed industry in China.

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