Beautiful and touching sweet theme autumn and winter 4 big keywords

Beautiful and touching sweet theme autumn and winter 4 big keywords

Introduction: Although neutrality is so popular, although low-key luxury is so popular, we still have a lot of fundamental principles for everyday clothes. The “Three Stone Horses” in [brand clothing] seems to be sweet. The sentiments are filled with deep consideration, especially summing up the four major keywords in this season's autumn and winter trends.

NO 1 Lace
The faint lace is beautiful, so that the cute appearance of a short pendulum is a little retro and gorgeous texture!

[Sanyan] Lace! With multiple personality decorations, you can create dangerous sexy and sweet messes.
[Styling advice] quaint flowers, modern with Madden autumn and winter wonderful show, pretty girl's naughty fashion

NO 2 dense color
The focus of color matching, in addition to the overall balance of color, the same material configuration can also make sense of popularity 100?

[Three words] popular rich color For young playful girls, as long as the dye is enough, honey color is the tone of youth.
[styling advice] closet show, beautiful nine sets of autumn mix Fun, lovely girlish style

NO 3 belt
Short-swinging coat with autumn and winter style belt, whether it is fur or personality pattern, has increased the popularity of the charm of the waist of the girl and woman!

[Three words] The practical function of the belt was repeatedly weakened in this quarter, and as a new role in the proportion of "regulators", the belt did a good job.
[styling advice] celebrity advice to overcome four major problems body enthusiasm free and easy, mash up exclusive personality

NO 4 dots Naughty polka round, like your sweet smile, how can people do not mind;

[Styling Tips] "Wai Wai" Mid-Autumn Festival, 4 New Magics

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