Take stock of the jade identification methods that are unreliable

The knowledge about the authenticity of jade can be found in various books and on the Internet. There are various methods, such as drawing glass, using a magnifying glass, a color filter, or tapping the sound. Are these methods correct? Let's take a look at some of the unreliable jade identification methods.


There may be some fans in the circle. They always know how to behave. They talk about some terms. They always hold a color filter. No matter what jade is seen, he uses a color filter to look at it and tell others that this pair Or this is not right. In fact, this is a plausible method of identification. why? Because he did not understand the principle of color filter identification, jadeite dyed with organic dyes showed red color under the color filter; jadeite stained with inorganic pigments, B jadeite or many D-filled jadeites did not change color under the color filter.


It has also been said that with the emerald glass, it is true that the print can be made, and the one that cannot be drawn is fake. This is a cognition that does not understand what jade has a pseudo-method. See if you can use the glass to counterfeit the jade, and use the jadeite, jade and other serpentine jade counterfeit jade products, because these jade have a low Mohs hardness and can't scratch the glass. However, it is impossible to identify the C-car jade that is itself jadeite, but the color of C is jade, and it is jadeite, which is soaked with strong acid and glued.


There is also a commonly heard method: put the hair on the jade, and burn it as the standard of judgment. It doesn't matter where this method comes from, it must be judged by the principle of different thermal conductivity, but it is unreasonable, and it cannot be used as an effective method to identify jade. Because of the difference in thermal conductivity, it is far from distinguishing between true jade and other counterfeits.

These methods, which were once very popular, are now less common. Nowadays, the more popular scene is in the jade shop. Whether it is a business or a guest, when looking at the jade bracelet, I love to use two jade bracelets to knock each other and listen to the sound to judge the authenticity.

Some tourist spots can also see businesses as a means of marketing. The merchant holds the jade bracelet in one hand, and sometimes uses a small rope to hang it, and the other hand uses another bracelet or agate column to knock, meaning to tell the guest that my jade is true. To identify by the sound of tapping, it is only effective for B-car jade. If it is only the dyed C-car jade, the sound of the knock is the same as the A-car jade.


Therefore, tapping can not be used as the final method to identify jadeite. Moreover, when you purchase high-grade jade bracelets, the merchants are more likely to use the method of tapping to identify them, because doing so will harm the jadeite, and will also reveal a message to the merchant: Rarely buy high-end goods, these will be bad for you to buy goods.

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