Lu Di poetry underwear "dew" - Spring and Summer 2016 release fashion trends!

Twentieth China (Humen) International Fashion Fair and 2015 Humen Fashion Week, will be November 20 to 23 in the clothing city - Humen, opened the mysterious veil.


After 20 years of trials and hardships, the service fair has already completed a time of beautiful transformation. "New Normal, a new leap forward," this year's service fair, what kind of new blooms will bloom? And Ludi poetry for everyone to bring what kind of surprise?

The main fashion show this week is scheduled to be held at the Humen Convention and Exhibition Center temporary exhibition hall, a total of 14 fashion shows, including Luthi underwear (Leutus).


"Met" - Spring and Summer 2014 new conference


"Familiar" - Spring and Summer 2015 new conference


"Dew" - 2016 spring and summer fashion trends release ceremony

Time: 15: 00-15: 30 on November 23

Location: The main venue for fashion performance hall (opposite the main entrance Humen Park)

The theme of this popular trend released "dew", interpretation of the spring flowers to reveal the release of the sound, full of unique charm of women, women's gentle power to change the world, so that the spring flowers lead the romanticism, exposing you extraordinary Charming style.


In addition, Ludi poetry exhibition set at No. 273 -276, No. 297 -300, welcome to visit, advice!

Can not wait to follow Xiaobian you to the fifteenth session of the Humen service Ludi poetry fun!



"Charm" - Ludi Shi 2011 spring and summer underwear fashion conference, as was the only underwear show, conference attracted a large number of insiders, media and fashion fans eye.

Finally, Xiaobian tell you a surprise: In order to celebrate the 20th China (Humen) International Fashion Fair and 2015 Humen Fashion Week, Humen Yuehua Branch, Humen Women's Street Branch, Humen Pedestrian Street Branch and the factory store will be held Carnival promotions! Specific details, please consult the store oh ~!

Humen Yuehua shop: Taimen Road, Humen Town, Yuehua children's wear the first floor of Ludian poetry

Tiger women shop: Humen Town People's Road 126, South Korea City Building B18

Humen pedestrian street shop: Humen town Taisha Road pedestrian street on the second floor

Factory Shop: Humen Jinzhou Jinjie Road on the 5th

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