JOJO children's clothing store opened three new stores hot preparations

Quietly passing away time, autumn and winter has come to unknowingly autumn, but the cold autumn and winter can not stop the enthusiasm of dealers and JOJO join the pace of progress! This is not the beginning of a new day, JOJO children's clothes will come good news: JOJO children's clothing shop in Shanxi Linfen, JOJO children's clothing shop in Beihai, Guangxi, JOJO children's clothing store in Chongqing Grand Opening! In addition JOJO children's clothing Changan Shijiazhuang store, DIZAI children's clothing Changan Shijiazhuang store, DIZAI children's clothing Changzhi shop in Shanxi is also hot preparations, is about to welcome the opening! In this Xiaobian wish JOJO children's clothing store opened, the business is booming, I also wish the opening of JOJO, DIZAI children's wear early appearance! JOJO children's clothing and DIZAI children's wear is a long time Shenzhen Fashion Co., Ltd. has a long time two main brands, children's clothing for a long time to win with innovation, personality, style, cool design style and "image of the spokesman for the trials" and famous. Fashion has never stopped the idea of ​​the road, giving children a new concept of cool play, so that children wear a fashion attitude, do not pan generic generation! Of course, a good brand will not only be satisfied with providing good products, because good product output will always have a high-quality window, JOJO has been trying to build the core capabilities of the terminal, improve the terminal store image, for the majority of franchisees to join hands Go hand in hand, to enhance store management skills, so that each JOJO children's clothing and DIZAI stores are full of unique, stylish and innovative. After more than 10 years of development, with its differentiated market positioning, unique brand style, high-quality professional team and perfect management mode, it has won the recognition and favor of many domestic and foreign customers and has been selected as China's Top Ten Children's clothing brand. Now, the brand terminal stores all over the country more than 300 large and medium-sized cities and extends to China Hong Kong, Taiwan and Russia, Iran, Australia and other international markets, nearly 1000 domestic and international counters and stores, VIP membership over 100,000, with The continuous transformation, innovation and upgrading of enterprises will continue their rapid growth. JOJO children's clothing again usher in a bumper harvest in November, the opening of three new stores to further improve the JOJO strategic blueprint, JOJO and DIZAI a number of new stores are hot preparations for a long time in the year-end children's clothing for more consumers bring more fashion The election, but also for a long time children's clothing 2015 war ended more beautiful, pay a satisfactory answer! Let us look forward to the perfect JOJO children's clothing store bloom, looking forward to 2016 for a long time children's clothing to bring us another shock!

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