The most energetic summer with a retro wave point skirt full of vitality

Summer is one of the most dynamic season, passionate sun, clear blue sky, thriving vegetation, and tireless cicadas, all full of life, vigorous and tension, but at this time, too gloomy, not enough " Force "pattern color, will look very outdated. Dynamic elements of wave point, clever and lively sense clever interpretation, and vibrant summer complement each other.


Polka Dot dress

Black and white wave point skirts, classic black and white with element design, white dress dotted with black dots gives an elegant fashion sense, but also to create a youthful and lively feel; Slim version, wearing a sense of unfettered, very comfortable, reflecting the women exquisite There is a perfect body shape, full of vitality!

夏天最有活力的搭配技巧 复古波点裙元气满满

Dot skirt + solid color shirt

Polka dot chiffon skirt, with solid color T-shirt style, the perfect blend into the shape of the point is to weaken the sweet spot, in the style and color can choose the rational color and simple style. Even if there is no slender legs it does not matter, we must remember to choose a pair of high heels to stretch the leg lines, it is tall and elegant.

Credit: Shang Ke Si Women

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