Women joined the new AIB designer brand An. Gem An Lin Lang

Earlier this year, "Peng Liyuan STYLE" led the domestic consumer boom of local brands, "designer brand" is well known, but also began to allow everyone to regain attention from the domestic designer brands. The so-called designer brand, is reflected in the style of the designer's personal style, there is a clear personal brand, to convey a temperament and spirit. This also contains unlimited business opportunities, if you are looking for a suitable designer brand to join , then you must not miss "An. Gem 安琳琅 ". Here, Xiaobian to introduce you to An. Gem 安琳琅.


An Linlang An.Gem was founded in 2011, Guangzhou Yunlin Clothing Co., Ltd. is the first designer brand. Brand name from the founder Angel (Angel) combination of Chinese and English names. Yang Lin expresses her views on the world, life and beauty through every piece of An.Gem's work. Fashion, is a woman's second skin, is another woman's language and love, An.Gem advocate the use of fashion to interpret a woman's happiness. An.Gem draws inspiration from films, operas, music, paintings and travels to create a new look for each season. Show Chinese city upstart confident, sophisticated, modern elegance and full of happiness in life attitude.

女装加盟新航标 设计师品牌An. Gem安琳琅

This emerging brand of art and commerce blends perfectly from design to craftsmanship, from color to board, from detail to mix, with every piece of work seeking to be close to life in its own creative personality. An Linlang An.Gem to unique fashion products, reasonable prices, professional and meticulous service for the urban upstart who brought both fashion and lifestyle wear needs, to become their intimate fashion partner. An Linlang An.Gem mainly in the form of shopping malls counters and a shopping district as a terminal sales outlets, in the future development, direct marketing, franchising and e-commerce organic marketing system will continue to have the purchasing power of clothing And fashion sensitivity of the first and second tier cities to open shopping malls counters and independent stores.

Welcome people of insight to contact, a total of business opportunities!

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