Water children's clothing second tide Tong Department activities will be grand opening

Aquatic children installed the second wave of children's activities will soon grand opening! The annual "61 International Children's Day" is approaching, as a "Beijing famous brand", "China's top ten children's clothing brand," children's clothing will launch the second wave of child activities. This tide of children's activities initiated by Beijing Giaman Garment Co., Ltd. children's clothing brand, will support Pu Cunxin Love Fund "2013 June Day's best gift" love material activities, both together will donate clothes for children in poverty-stricken areas in Hubei. During the June 1 event, consumers who purchased water children 's clothing at road shows or designated counters donated the same amount of children' s clothing to the 6 poor primary schools in the "Make Children Laugh" public welfare project, jointly with Children of Water Fund. The difference between the second child tide and the last year is that children are encouraged to focus on the external "tide." At the same time, they hope they can slowly pay attention to the "tide" in their hearts. So there will be this water children's clothing and Pu Cunxin Love Fund "to make children laugh" project cooperation, let the children know "tide" is not just the fashion on the dress, in the moment, "love", "love" Is the most "tide". City children enjoy a unique love, food and clothing worry. Children in poverty-stricken areas did indeed receive "innocent" injustice. Many left-behind children, because mom and dad go out to work, can only rely on grandparents. Some children's families have not crossed new clothes for years because they have no income. "They are also longing for new, comfortable clothes. They are also longing for classes in bright and spacious classrooms. They are also eager to have colorful childhood." Wang Lei, Director of Children's Wear, said with a heavy heart, "They need the whole society Of concern, and this concern should not be temporary, but should be long-term .This concern should not be show, but should be set to help them, what can be done .Therefore, the water children's clothing The second tide child exchange public welfare activities chose Pu Cunxin love fund cooperation. "Let children laugh" is launched by Pu Cunxin Love Fund, China Youth Development Foundation to support the public welfare projects .Aims to provide children in difficult areas through a variety of ways All-dimensional, three-dimensional assistance. The project adhere to the concept of micro-public welfare, hope that through down-to-earth to do practical things, little by little will love together into a big love, and the love passed down. It is reported that water children's clothing as the Beijing Jia Men Clothing Co., Ltd.'s main brand, the company from top to bottom As "good Shangru water" corporate culture.As Beijing Garment Co., Ltd. chairman Cao Shengkui said: "The company's water culture to manage and develop the brand, we have a pure and transparent like water; we have a water-like phase Harmonious way of life; we have a spirit of hard work like water. "Happy June 1st come, I hope the children in the country receive the best gift, so that they have an unforgettable childhood. By that time, children in Beijing during the six can be in Beijing North World, Huatang Shilipu shop, Huatang Asian Games Village Store, Huatang Feng North Road store, Huatang Daxing store, Huatang Wangjing store, Huatang You'an store, Huatang Beiyuan store to participate in activities.At the same time in Huatang Xizhimen shop, Tongzhou Liyuan Guiyou, Shijingshan Wanda Department stores, Xuanwu Tianyu department store on June 1 will have wonderful on-site activities, welcome the arrival of children.

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